CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It's an idea that was developed in order to reconnect communities with their farmers in a way that benefits everyone. In a traditional CSA, customers receive a basket of fresh produce from the farm every week for the length of the growing season.   CSA shares are sold before the growing season begins to help alleviate some of the farmer's financial burden at the start of the season, by giving farmers the resources they need to buy seed and fertilizer when they need it.   

ORganic - Partner Share - Health Insurance Rebate

Vitruvian Farms grows fruit, vegetables, and mushrooms that are Certified Organic by MOSA.  We offer add-ons of pork and poultry which are not certified yet but produced following organic standards.  

As of 2017 we are a FairShare CSA Coalition endorsed farm, which means we are working to give low-income households access to quality farm fresh food via the Partner Shares Program.  Click here to learn more about the Partner Shares Program and find out if you qualify.  If you would like to donate directly to FairShare to support the program click here.  

You can now receive a rebate on your health insurance plan simply by being a part of our CSA program.  Click here to learn more about the health insurance rebate program.

What We Offer

Vitruvian Farms offers two types of CSA shares: 1) Traditional Share or 2) Free-Choice Share.  

1) Traditional share:

With a traditional share you choose either a full or a half share.  Full share members will receive a box of produce every week for 20 weeks starting on June 7th, half shares will receive the same size box every other week for a total of 10 weeks.  Half shares will be assigned a start date of either June 7th or June 14th.   Boxes will be pre-packed by the farm depending on what is available each week, and will usually have between 8-14 different items depending on the time of the season (see full CSA product list here).  

Part of the fun of a CSA includes learning to eat with the seasons.  Availability will continually change throughout the season, but boxes will always be packed with recipe cohesiveness in mind.  We recommend Full Shares for couples and families who cook most of their meals at home.  Half Shares are better suited for individuals or couples who cook at home intermittently. Boxes will be available for pick up at two locations:

  • Vitruvian Farms (located here) on Fridays from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

  • Monona Farmers Market (located here) on Sundays from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

With both shares, CSA members will receive a value of produce that is  greater than if you were to just buy the produce outright at the farm stand.   Boxes will contain mostly vegetables, and a few occasions of fruit and mushrooms.  Our farm also sells additional vegetables, mushrooms and meat which can be purchased separately during pick up.

1) Full Share  -  $650  (Produce box every week for 20 weeks) - recommended for families who cook often

2) Half Share -  $370  (Produce box every other week) - recommended for individuals or couples/families who cook less often

2) Free-Choice Share:

The Free-Choice Share is another great way to support the farm.  With this option you buy a pre-paid debit card at the start of the season. Not only to you support us financially at the beginning of the season, but you also commit to buying quality produce throughout the year.  You can use this card to make purchases at our farm stand (located here) every Friday year-round from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. You can also use the card at our booth at the Monona Farmers Market (located here) on Sundays from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.  

With free-choice you choose what produce you would like and when you would like it.  Cards can be used to purchase everything sold at our farm including vegetables, fruit, meat, and mushrooms.  (See full vegetables list here). Card holders will receive an added bonus value depending on which card you buy.  We have two card tiers:

1) Cost: $200  -  5%  Bonus ($210 Value) 

3) Cost: $500  - 10% Bonus ($550 value)

Sign-up and pay by March 15th and receive a $10 gift of your choice. Choose from our pork or chicken products, vegetables, mushrooms or canned goods.

Purchase Deadline: april 1st

CSA Sign up for the 2019 Growing season is now OPen

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After receiving your application we will email you with directions for payment.  Payment options include a check by mail, check or cash in person, or credit card (3% fee).  Please do not send payment until you receive a confirmation email from us.  Thank you for supporting our local farm!