2016 Weekend Workshop Sept 17th-18th

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2016 Weekend Workshop Sept 17th-18th

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Sept 17th-18th Weekend Workshop Topics:


Vitruvian Farms has built 5 hoop houses covering over 10,000 square feet of land.  You will get a rundown of the entire construction process and hands on experience building part of a hoop house during the workshop.  We can show you how to set up a purchased kit, or how to save up to 50% off the cost of the structure by bending your own hoops!  Instruction includes everything from leveling the site, site selection, and construction.  You will leave with hoop house construction plans.



2. Organic Vegetable Production

We will teach you the basics of growing vegetables from seed to harvest.  You will learn about soil fertility, high density vegetable spacing, irrigation, pest and disease control, planting, harvesting, and storing vegetables.   






3. Farm Tools

At Vitruvian Farms we have used tools fit for farms of all sizes; everything from shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows to tractors and automated equipment.  We can help you understand the right gear for the size of your operation. We will also show you low-cost solutions to make life easier in a low-budget start up.  







4. Mushrooms

We have experience growing several varieties of mushrooms on our farm.  The workshop will focus primarily on oyster mushroom production, but we will also teach about shiitake production as well as Wine Cap Stropharia and Almond Agaricus culture.  Oyster mushrooms have a quick turn around, are very easy to grow for the beginner, and are high value because customers love them!







5. Microgreens

Microgreens are a wonderful crop for the beginning farmer because they have a quick turn around, are very desirable and have high value per square foot.  We teach everything from soil and seed sourcing, seeding rates, harvest methods and sale pricing and marketing strategies.  You will gain hands on experience planting microgreens during the workshops.






6. Pastured Laying Hens

Pastured laying hens are a great addition to any vegetable operation because they have low labor requirements, produce a highly sought after product (dark yolked eggs!) and because vegetable waste can supplement their feed source.








7. Financial Resources/Finding Land

Are you wondering where to find land for your future farming operation?  How about money to start?  We started small, and we can show you where to look for grants and low-interest loans geared for the beginning farmer.  Finding land can be simpler than you think when you consider how little you need in order to grow high value crops.  We will run you through your options.





8. Marketing

Vitruvian Farms sells through a farmer's market, an on-farm pick up, and a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but our main source of revenue is selling wholesale to almost 40 different restaurants in the Madison area as well as three grocery stores.  We will teach you the basics of how to approach chefs and restaurants, how to start a CSA or even what it takes to sell wholesale to distributors.  






9. Organic Certification

Vitruvian Farms was Certified Organic by MOSA in 2016. Certification is a 3 year process which can seem daunting at first. We can help you understand the entire process so that you don't make mistakes that would prohibit you from being certifiable.  








Other Topics Covered

Pastured Meat (lambs and pigs)

Low Cost Walk-in Refrigeration

Salad greens

Season Extension

Pack Shed/Food Safety Basics

Orchard Start Up

Looking Towards the Future (Permaculture)





In addition to the on-site workshop learning, participants will receive a compilation of written resources that we use everyday at Vitruvian Farms.  This includes a recommended book reading list, crop specific fertilization rates and harvest guides, mushroom and microgreen growing guides, as well as hoop house construction packets and a do-it-yourself walk in cooler design guide.

Workshops will run from 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Afterwards attendees will have the opportunity to talk to the instructors about anything growing related.

We are offering 1 hour of phone consultation after the workshops to help you with any topic you may be trying to implement on your own project.


The Vitruvian Farms workshops will take place on our very own working, organic farm.  The farm is located just 10 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin.  Directions to the farm can be found here.

Workshops will run from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, with a break for lunch during the day.  Lunch and dinner will be provided on the farm both days, mostly cooked from our own organically grown food.  Breakfast is not included, we recommend checking out Crema Cafe (directions here), one of our restaurant partners, about 7 miles away from the farm.  There is also a grocery down the road, and we have refrigerated space if you would like to bring and store your own food.  There will be a bonfire with opportunity for socializing and networking at the farm after the workshop on Saturday.


Camping is included in ticket sales.  Camping is accessible via tent or RV.  No water or electricity is provided directly on camp sites, but we do have a bathroom facility, potable water, and WIFI accessible near the campsites on the farm.  

If camping is not for you we suggest the following options:

Nearby Hotels Here

Nearby Bed and Breakfasts Here

How To Purchase

At the top of the page click "Add to Cart" and follow the instructions.  Tickets can be purchased until September 16th or until the class is full, whichever comes first.  Availability is limited, purchase your ticket today to reserve your spot.

Tickets are non-refundable.  You can transfer your ticket to a later workshop upon request, or transfer your ticket to another person if you wish.


If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Shawn by email at shawn@vitruvianfarms.com or call 262-305-1858 for more information.