The Vitruvian Foundation is a non-profit that is just getting off the ground.  Among the central goals of the founders of Vitruvian farms was to build community, educate people, and raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and growing food in a sustainable way.  After successfully launching the agriculture wing of our ambitions, we are now ready to launch the educational and outreach side.  We've already hosted field trips of 2nd graders to our farm.  We've gotten kids excited about eating organic spinach and nasturtium flowers.  Teachers are asking us how we can make education on the farm a recurring theme.  We've drawn out a path to make a difference in the Madison Community, now we need your help.


  1. The Foundation will bring educational field trips of primary and secondary school kids to our farm.  We will inspire a new generation of stewards for the land and appetites for nutritious, healthy food.
  2. We will start after school programs for families who want to learn more about food and farming.
  3. We will provide food to those in need, supplying food banks and non-profits.


The non-profit foundation will operate on donated space and facilities from the Vitruvian Farms operation.  In order to eliminate the cost of field trip fees the Foundation aims to raise donations from private donors.  Continuing operations will be funded by a continuation of donations as well as grant funding.


We need the help of willing individuals in order to get this operation off the ground.  We are looking for volunteers, interns, and donors to help create a framework for educating our community and supplying quality food to those in need.  In order to get involved please email shawn@vitruvianfarms.com or call 262-305-1858.