Mushrooms, MEat, Eggs, and Honey

All of our animals are fed 100% organic feed, and are free range and grass fed (if they eat grass).  We will have a brand new flock of 150 laying hens this year, they will begin egg production in August.  We partner with our friends at L & L Pastured Farm to provide organically fed duck and chicken throughout the growing season. Vitruvian Farms raises pork and lamb, which will be available for purchase starting in fall.  All of these products can be purchased at our farm stand by joining our email availability list (send your name to to join the list).  These items can be purchased with cash/check/credit card, the Vitruvian Free-Choice debit card, and all traditional CSA members have the option to buy these at a 5% discount.  See full list below:

  1. Oyster Mushrooms (available starting in May)
  2. Chicken (available starting in June)
  3. Duck (available starting in June)
  4. Eggs (available starting in August)
  5. Lamb (available in Fall)
  6. Pork (available in Fall)
  7. Honey (available starting in Summer)